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Dealing with COVID-19: Mental Health Tips from Dr. Rastogi



Strengthen your Leadership. Rejuvenate your career and work life



Insights and skills for deeper, healthier relationships


Dissertation Mentoring

Attain your educational goals. Receive expert guidance and supervision



My publications, presentations, interviews and media contributions

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Our emotional well-being is impacted by our choices, our relationships, our work, and our communities. I will partner with you to gain a deeper understanding of your life and your aspirations.

My approach includes helping you know yourself better, create new goals, and shift perspectives. Together we will build a trajectory to well-being in your life that includes your loved ones.

A unique aspect of my work includes a focus on wellness and helping you reach your maximum potential. I use an integration of approaches that research shows to be highly effective.

About me

My work is multifaceted. Over the years I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach, practice, coach, mentor, train, administer, conduct research and publish extensively in the fields of mental health and coaching. 

You taught me valuable life skills on how to communicate and manage healthy relationships!
Dr. Rastogi, you are an amazing listener! You saved our marriage by teaching us how to really hear each other.
I always feel much better at the end of the therapy session compared to when I come in
 I now know what to do when I feel anxious. I feel confident that I can manage it instead of letting it control me.

Your comments were right on target. These sessions helped me understand why I was making the same bad relationship mistakes over and over. 

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services offered for Illinois, texas AND florida
Phone: (847) 258-7273
415 East Golf Road Suite 115, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
United States
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