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Dissertation Mentoring

Finish your dissertation through support and expert consultation

I help Doctoral students get unstuck in the dissertation process. I provide support by creating goals, meeting your writing targets, organizing your ideas, keeping you motivated and overcoming writers block. I have over 20 years of experience with chairing doctoral research and teaching special classes to assist numerous doctoral students with their dissertation process. My clients and students report feelings of relief and pride in reaching their goals.

Psychotherapy Supervision for Therapists in Training and New Professionals

If you are struggling with clinical issues or complex cases, I provide supervision and peer consultation. I am an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and have extensive experience with diverse clinical groups. Learn more about my approach in the chapters I have written in the book The Complete Systemic Supervisor: Context, Philosophy, and Pragmatics.

Graduate Students and Medical Professionals that need support

If your institution or Professional Board has mandated that you seek consultation, I provide a caring and thoughtful way to reflect on your hurdles, create a plan, and assist you in making changes. This may save your degree or your license!

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