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The Mother-Adult Daughter Questionnaire (MAD): Developing a Culturally Sensitive Instrument An account of the development of the Mother-Adult Daughter Questionnaire (MAD) to measure adult daughters perceptions of their relationship with their mothers in a culturally sensitive manner.

Substance Abuse Among Asian Indians in the United States: A Consideration of Cultural Factors in Etiology and Treatment

Dowry and Its Link to Violence Against Women in India: Feminist Psychological Perspectives My paper on Dowry, which is exchanged in a majority of Indian weddings. Although its practice became illegal in 1961, dowry flourishes among all social classes.

Adult Daughters Perceptions of the Mother-Daughter Relationship: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Review of Voices of color: First-person accounts of ethnic minority therapists" A review of my book on BNET


Voices of Marriage and Family Therapists of Color An Exploratory Survey


The IAFT International Conference for 2006 in New Delhi



co-author, Multicultural Couple Therapy, Sage Publications, 2008

co-author, Voices of Color: First-Person Accounts of Ethnic Minority Therapists, Sage Publications, 2004

Articles I have been quoted in

7 pointers for couples to prevent and resolve misunderstandings3 tips to find a good couples therapist

My interview on Children and Discipline in The Florida Times-Union


Mothers and Adult Daughters: A complex relationship Susan Adcox discusses my work on Guide to Grandparents


On Becoming a Profession: The Growth of Marriage and Family Therapy in India My article with two of my colleagues tracks some of the people, places, and contexts associated with the growth of marriage and family therapy (MFT) as a profession in the Indian context.

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